Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime for Quality service.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is a mobile phone that comes with grandeur; from its impressive body design, to a powerful 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor with a speed of up to 1200 megahertz that enables it to carry out high performance multitasks.
Description & Features
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime has dual camera systems, with an 8 megapixels back camera and a 5 megapixels front camera for photo and video . The camera has features of auto-focus, face detection shooting and geo tagging, panorama, and an extensive wide view range of 85 degree that enables you to capture everyone joining you for selfie. The Galaxy Grand Prime uses Micro SIM Card, with trio network technology of GSM, HSPA and LITE networks.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
It is a lightweight phone weighing just 156g, and with dimensions of 144.8 x 72.1x 8.6mm making it an easy to carry by tourists. In addition, Samsung Grand Prime is built with a good 5mm screen, and with a resolution of 960 x 540, giving the phone an excellent graphic quality. The screen built on TFT technology which enables a multi-touch functions.

The 8 gigabytes internal memory, a 1 gigabyte RAM Memory (533 MHz) and SD, SDHC, SDDX card slots of up to 64 GB for storing your many apps and games places Samsung Grand Prime at an advance over its rivalries. The phone also comes other advantages such as Wi-Fi and Mobile Hotspot connections which could serve as router or an alternative source of internet .
It also has a fast 3G connection using HSUPA, UMTS, HSPA, and EDGE technologies. The phone has other features such as high quality Bluetooth(4.0), GPS Localization, Radio, and Near Field Communication, and Proximity Sensor and Accelerometer.
The energy source of the phone is built on a 2600 mAh Li-Ion replaceable battery offering user up to 17 hours talk time and up to 75 hours music play time. Galaxy Grand Prime is powered by the latest version of Android OS Lollipop 5.1.

These good specifications make Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime essential to have by especially by tourists, students or those who wish not to rely on public or insecure Wi-Fi sources within or outside their countries.
To take full advantage of these good quality specifications of Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime it is important to unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

The Advantages of Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

A phone of this calibre, an easy to handle travelling companion such as Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime needs to get unlocked so as to derive maximum benefits such as these:
• By unlocking your phone you are at the advantage of use any network provider SIM card
• Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime unlocking removes network restriction and allows for the phone to use other domestic and foreign networks.
• It offers phone user freedom to shop from one network provider to another
• Unlocking phone saves you money on roaming when outside your country
• Unlocking allows user to use dual SIM cards of different network at a time
• Unlocking your phone offers you a sense of security and control of your phone

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

We offer you a simple process of remotely unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime through these simple steps:
1. From the phone list select your phone and fill out our order form
2. We will send you email providing you an unlocking code for your Galaxy Grand Prime and a simple guide as soon as order is placed
3. The successful entering of the code in your phone brings it to unlock status
4. Your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime unlock now can also accept SIM cards from other GSM networks worldwide
5. Our service requests neither data cable nor software. Everything is done remotely.
6. The only thing we need from you is your phone’s Model, IMEI number and your current number
7. Our service is risk free and quick as your phone stays with you and unlocking is done remotely.

Unlocking Instructions
We will email you your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime unlocking code; and once you have received our simple unlocking instructions follow these steps:
 When the phone shows ” Enter Password”, then enter the code we have sent you.
 When the phone shows ” Wrong SIM Card”, then type in #0111 * [ UNLOCK CODE]#
 When the phone shows ” Emergency Call Only”, then you enter the code we have sent you and followed by #
 Note; if your phone is on 3G type, then you should enter #745626*638*[UNLOCK CODE]#
 If after these steps your phone remains locked; then remove the SIM card, turn your phone on and enter #0111*[UNLOCK CODE]#
Sure your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is unlocked now, ready to accept any SIM card and network of your choice; enjoy the multiple benefits that unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone offers.

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