How to Enter Unlocking Code on iPhone?

After receiving a confirmatrion email from , please follow the below mentioned instructions for unlocking your iPhone.

iPhone Unlocking Instructions:

1. Connect the I-phone to I-Tunes.

2. From the Devices Menu on the left hand side of the I-Tunes screen, right click on the I-phone and select Back Up.

3. Once the Back Up has completed click the Restore button, from within the Version section on the I-phone summary tab.

4. When the Restore has completed, a message advising the I-phone has been unlocked will appear.

5. Click the Continue button.

6. Tick the Restore from the backup of: tick box and select your I-phone from the drop down list.

7. Click the Continue button.

8. Your I-phone is now unlocked and has been restored; however, you will need to Sync the I-phone with I-Tunes to re add all your media to the I-phone.