Android Vs IOS.

Android Vs IOS.

When it comes to choosing the right mobile phone or tablet device, the option is almost endless, and often choosing the best might be a little bit difficult if you have a flair for fancy things. One thing is sure though, no matter the model of phone or tablet you choose to get; provided it’s a smart device, your main choose would revolve round the operating system of the device.

Android Vs IOS

Currently, there are three popular operating system on mobile platform; iOS, Android and Windows. Of the three, Android and iOS are gradually stealing the show from Windows as they keeping rolling out new features on yearly basis.

The purpose of this post is to compare the two most popular mobile operating system; iOS and Android, and enlighten you about the differences between the operating system and the advantage one has over the other.

Compatibility: This is probably one of the major disadvantages of the iOS; it’s basically not compatible with any other operating system. What this means is that; you cannot send music, files or videos from your android or windows device to Apple iOS device.

As a matter of fact, you would need a third party app to share files between two IPhone as well. A larger percentage of mobile phone users consider this a disadvantage, while others consider it a good way of keeping data secure.

The inability of free file sharing with other operating system render the files stored on iOS more secured, compared to other operating system.

Interface: Android has one of the most sophisticated interfaces as far as mobile operating system is concerned. While tech geek may appreciate the sophistication, new smart phone users and people with little knowledge of mobile technology may find it very difficult to get use to the user interface of android devices.

Android allows the use of various widgets on the home screen, while iOS does not allow the use of widget. In a way, widget might be beneficial; take for instance when you need to check the weather report, you don’t have to pull up an app for that once the widget is installed on your home screen, all you have to do is swipe and you would see the weather report on your home screen. The Apple iOS lacks this option.

Android Vs IOS

Customizability: Android software is completely open source, which means you can edit the entire code to suit your taste. Various tech companies are taking advantage of this to create a more sophisticated user interface. Mobile phones like HTC and Samsung have different user interface, although they run the same operating system.

IOS is completely closed source; what this means is that, the code can only be edited and updated by Apple Inc. only. This makes the OS more secure and less prone to phishing or bug because the software is stable without any form of alteration from the user end; unless the OS is jailbroken (which is not recommended as it voids the warranty on the device).

Multitasking: Because the Android OS is open source, this has made it very easy for developers to create several apps that allow various level of multitasking.  New phones running android OS can now section the phone screen into different window. (Samsung Galaxy 10 comes to mind).

In conclusion, the choice of your preferred operating system depends on what you look for in a mobile device. If you’re the type that relies on your mobile phone or tablet to do what a PC can do, then Android OS is your best bet. If data security comes first to you, then your best bet is the iOS.


I hope I have provided you enough information regarding which operation system would suit you best Android Vs IOS.